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Do You Want Cheap Books For Your Classroom?

There are so many things I love when it comes to my classroom... without card stock, Velcro, clothespins, magnetic tape and magnetic printer paper, I wouldn't know what to do! I'll definitely detail the infinite uses of all of those things one day, but all of those things being said, there is one thing that I am addicted to more than anything else: children's books!!!

Take a look at how full my bookshelf is in my classroom!

And that's not even all: I have 11 totes full of books in my basement! They are 64 qt. totes and hold 100-200 books!

Obviously, the cost of books can add up quick, especially when we have so many different topics that there are great read alouds for. But, there is a way to get books for your classroom for dirt cheap... library books sales!!! These are probably the best way to build a classroom library!

The best way I've found library books sales is through this website:

Note: I'm not getting paid to promote the website, I'm posting it because it honestly is the best!!

Browse through the site to find sales near you. Usually the ones that state "Big Sale!" are pretty good, but only trial and error will really work. You can sign up for a weekly email alerts so you're always aware of the sales in your area (without having to remember to check the website!)

Now, any given day at a library sale is a steal for books... but do you want books for your classroom that are basically free?  Of course you do!!!!  So you need to go to the book sales on the best day... bag day! Most large library sales have this the last day of their sale. Fill up a whole bag full of books for $5! A lot of places let you even bring your own bag... I get a kick out of people with giant beach bags full of books (ok, so I'm usually one of those people but it is funny to watch)!

Not only do I use bag day to stock up on new books for the classroom, but I also use it to fill my treasure chest! The kids just look to bring home books as a prize for their good behavior! I started off this year with two totes full of books for the treasure chest (easily 300 books that I paid a total of $10 for) and all of these books were gone by December! They were the most popular prize as well as the least expensive!

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