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Advantages & Facts About Android

Advantages & Facts About Android

Android advantages of different points of view of each individual dissent. In essence android has many advantages compared to other operating sistym. It is now widely felt for the people who've proved it. Android is an operating system designed by Google to simplify and to satisfy consumer technology lovers in the world. Let's discuss a little about the advantages of the various sub Andrioid point.

Android excess general

There are so many advantages of android, but this time we will discuss a little outline or in general. Here below some android advantages:

Multitasking: As in Symbian, Android is able to open multiple applications simultaneously without having to close one of them. So we will be more easy and simple to access the application program that we want simultaneously.

Notifications: Excess android that we obtain in this case that there is always a notification on the Home Screen Mobile Android with LED lights that flash every existing SMS notifications, emai, a new article from the RSS reader. So that will help us to not miss any updates that come in the form of SMS, email etc..

App market: excess android you can feel comfortably at this facility. With this facility, you will easily choose a variety of applications including games that have been provided. You can download it easily on Google's Android App Market so for those of you lovers of games and applications helper or comforter yourself, no need to hesitate again soon replace your phone with Android-based phones.

Innovation: In terms of innovation advantages that our android is not an innovation point of view of the android system, but innovation android-based phone options. Lots of well-known companies-perusaan use this operating system. They bring treats android based phone with style and concept of each to reap international markets.

Widget: With this facility, you can easily make settings quickly and easily.

Android upgrades: With maximum performance, android application developers diligently upgrading the applications. It is a proof of consistency in android application development to their customers.

Google Services: For lovers of Google, Android is the right choice for you to have. Because android is designed specifically to support a variety of Google services such as Google search engine, Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Talk, Google+.
Android advantages greatly simplify consumers

With some advantages over the commonly categorized android that will certainly make it easier for us lovers of sophisticated mobile phones. With a wide range of products that have android operating system embedded in the product then we can make a selection according to our tastes. Of different brands have been designed with a variety of display models and concepts to meet each customer satisfaction in enjoying the advantages of android.

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